African Market Auction


We're auctioning off all kinds of amazing items from Africa over on facebook. 

  • Rare aCongolese Kuba cloth panel from Eastern Congo
  • Wooden Map of DR Congo
  • Hand carved Noah's Ark Set from Tanzania
  • Carved wooden antelope wall hanging
  • Congolese Nativity scene cards made by hand from cut from banana leaves
  • Stuffed hippo made from African textiles
  • Handmade giraffe pillow
  • Congolese doll made by disabled women in Eastern Congo
  • Maasai Mara painting from Tanzania
  • Carved wood nativity
  • Kitenge angel ornament handmade in Rwanda
  • Beaded gold and turquoise necklace from Tanzania
  • Beaded green and gold earrings from Tanzania
  • Textile Nativity cards from Tanzania
  • Handmade quilt from Tanzania
  • Raffia & Sweetgrass woven basket from Rwanda
  • Hand painted cards from Congo
  • Rwandan Imigongo Art
  • African Nativity Cloth
  • (Nativity in last photo is no longer available)