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We believe everyone deserves the right to thrive and deserves the access to the tools to do so. Each class at the One Thread Project will complete their education with a business essentials training program. Your support will provide attendees with curriculum, supplies, interpreters and trainers.

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Education is only as good as the tools that are before you. In order for our sewing vocational program to thrive we need our training center to have all that it needs. Your support will ensure there are enough machines and fabric for every woman attending to learn each necessary skill.

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Young Scholars


The Young Scholars program pays for the schooling and supply fees for the dependent children of mothers who commit to attending the program.

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Your yes to a woman will completely cover her full term of school. She will enter a sewing vocational program where she will be provided with; professional training, fabric, one meal a week, supplies and business classes. At graduation, she will receive her seamstress license and personal sewing machine to launch her business.