Eastern DRC Project

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Orphan care through local partnerships and solutions

We believe in holistic orphan care that starts by partnering with Congolese leaders who already desire to care for orphans and vulnerable families in their midst. These Congolese partners know the needs and possible solutions. Reeds of Hope seeks to empower the local leaders to provide the care necessary to help our children and families thrive. We work with a children’s home in Bukavu, Eastern DRC and employ two Congolese staff members to support these children with their education, mental, spiritual and physical well being. We provide sponsorships for the children to attend school and our staff carefully follow their progress. When possible, we collaborate with our local social worker to integrate the students we sponsor into Congolese families. Sometimes this can be done with a little support for the original family, other times it is with extended family, and still other times it is with a brand new family. This process of reintegration presents unique challenges, but we believe that children belong in families, not institutions. Click the links below to learn more.