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Our partnership is with Family Bethlehem in eastern Congo. We are working with 140 children living in two homes run by a lovely Congolese couple for the past 20 years. Specifically, we pay school fees for over 80 primary and secondary students as well as nine students attending university. Nearly 1 in 3 children in eastern DRC have never been in a classroom (source- ICRC).  Overall enrollment in secondary school is less than 20%. With the help of our manager, we ensure school fees are paid, uniforms and supplies are purchased, and the progress of each student is monitored.

Recently, we have been able to hire a social worker to help us find long-term alternative care solutions for children needing them; we have begun assisting with family reunification for children for whom that is a possibility. Additionally, we are currently working to match some of the children with new loving, local Congolese families. Read some success stories from our blog here!

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