Frequently Asked Questions


Can we adopt from the orphanage or any of the orphan/vulnerable care groups?

The short answer is no; Reeds of Hope does not facilitate adoptions. While wonderful, international adoption can consume an incredible amount of time and resources that could otherwise be given to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We are committed to working towards family reunification through family support. Our hope is that when alternative care structures are fully in place almost all children will be cared for by their own family or other loving families through domestic adoption or permanent foster care. These arrangements are already widespread in this area of DRC.


Can we visit the projects that Reeds of Hope supports?

Eastern DRC is in an insecure and volatile region.  We do not encourage anyone to visit any of the Reeds of Hope (RoH) supported projects independent of RoH staff as our projects are in remote areas via dangerous roads.  Reeds of Hope staff have access to updated security reports in the regions where we work.  Reeds of Hope staff plan to visit their projects once a year as funds allow.  As possible, a visit could be made in coordination with us.


Can we donate goods to the to the orphanages or children with whom Reeds of Hope works?

Reeds of Hope believes in aid that does not create dependency but creates independence, sustainability, and working partnerships. Giving blind donations without knowing specific needs and what is available in the country may misuse resources and have damaging effects. 


Are you going to start other projects in DRC?

We hope to expand our work throughout DRC. We would also like to set up exit strategies with our current projects. Our vision is sustainable projects that are led, run, and supported by the Congolese.


Why don't you share the exact location where your projects are located?

Publicly sharing the exact location where the orphanage and other projects could be dangerous for children and staff in this unstable region.  When you sponsor a child, you will receive more information on his or her location.


Will I get a tax deductible receipt?

Yes, you will get a receipt showing your tax deductible donation at the end of the year. If you need one sooner, please contact us. If you want a receipt immediately through a donation processing center, you can also choose to make a one time donation through Razoo (this option has a 4.9% surcharge on any donations).


Can I pay by check?

Yes, you can! Please send a check payable to "Reeds of Hope" at

Reeds of Hope

P.O. Box 30123

Santa Barbara, CA 93130