Class of 2018-2019

A scholarship to the one year training is available to women who have applied and committed to the program. This fee includes her transportation to the center, a meal each day, and sewing materials- including a sewing machine that is given to her upon completion. After this she will will have the option to continue her training as an apprentice, eventually moving on to start her own business. 

The cost is $500 for a woman to attend for one year


Young Scholars

For mothers like Clarisse, attending a training program during the day is nearly impossible. While she knew that gaining sewing skills would make their lives better in the long run, the short term sacrifice was almost a deal breaker. Until we were able to launch the Young Scholars Program. Drawing from this special fund, we pay the school and supply fees for the dependent children of the mothers who commit to attending the program. 

The cost is $150 for a child to attend school for one year


Business Training

The Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs program operates under within the belief that all people deserve to thrive economically and all people have the ability to direct their destiny with the proper tools. We've completed the first phase of training on the ground and are now working to expand the training and tracking the impact. Donations made to this fund will be used to continue our membership with Alternativ as well as to offer more training and continued support for the graduates. 

The cost is $100 to train one student

More ways to give!

Checks may be mailed to: 

Reeds of Hope- One Thread Project
PO Box 30123
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

***Every penny of your tax deductible gift goes straight to Congo as our American team is entirely volunteer based***