The One Thread Project is a collaboration with Emmanuel Training Center. We know there is a need for sustainable jobs in order for families to stay together. Our desire is to prevent any mother from having to make the decision to leave her children. Our goal is to give each woman opportunity through education, job training, and having a relationship with Jesus. 

The One Thread Project is run by Micheline of Emmanuel Training Center in Kinshasa. She is an accomplished wife, mother, seamstress, and Bible school graduate. Her sewing school gives women the support, skills, and tools necessary to learn the trade.

At the end of the training, the women will transition over to the atelier, or workshop, where they will continue to perfect their skills and create garments to be sold. In this new setting they will also start earning an income to become financially independent through their work. We are currently in the fundraising stages to open a Boutique where this atelier will be housed. 

We anticipate that this partnership will empower women to provide for their children with respect and dignity under Micheline's mentorship. Our local social worker, Ismael, will also come alongside the women each step of the way to offer support, guidance, and accountability. 

 You can help by giving a one time donation to the scholarship fund or by signing up to sponsor a mother for $20/month. All donations will be held in the scholarship fund and granted to women selected by Micheline and Ismael through an application process. Women may be admitted to the program at any time. Tuition is $40/month and most women attend the program for12 months. After the first year, they will transition to work as an apprentice at the boutique where they will begin to earn an income and refine their skills. No tuition is required for the second year. The school rates include fabric, supplies, as well as a sewing machine upon completion. 

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