We're taking this project to a whole new level!

This summer we'll provide business training to our seamstress graduates. Not only will these women have the skill set to create a product, they will now learn best practices for running a successful business! 

Will you join us? 

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$2,500 Campaign Goal will cover the following expenses:

  • Translators to facilitate the training sessions
  • Renting a location for the training
  • Attendance fees for the women 
  • Meals for the women 
  • Transportation and childcare for the women
Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

About Us

The One Thread project was started in 2015 by a team of Congolese and American friends with the common goal of serving women in Congo. In the past three years we've grown to offer sewing training, internships at our boutique, and support for launching new graduate owned businesses. Women who are in our program gain their seamstress license, lunch each day, school fee assistance for their children, and business training to help launch their dreams.


Donate to the campaign now!
As a special thanks, our team will bring back hand crafted gifts from our students
for donors who give $100 or more to the campaign.