This scholarship fund is used to give young people new opportunities in DRC. All of the students who are sponsored by this scholarship fund have endured difficulties as children and are transitioning into life on their own outside of an orphanage. Our partnership with Emmanuel Training Center is bringing hope by enrolling these young people in language and computer training courses. Our goal is to equip each student with a valuable skill for the workplace so they may become independent and successful members of society. Each trimester costs $100 and provides books, materials, and classes five days per week. Additionally, the students will be under the guidance and mentorship of Paul Manzanza, the founder and head teacher at Emmanuel Training Center. 

Paul is working with the director of one of the largest state run orphanages in Kinshasa to select students to enroll in the training program. We currently have a waiting list of students wanting to join the program.

A one time donation to the scholarship fund has the potential to change the life of a young person. Would you consider partnering with us today? No donation is too small! 

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