Young Scholars

We love being able to educate women around the Kinshasa community.  This education means that they are not able to hold a job during the day while they are at the sewing training center.  And for many of our women, this means they do not have the money to send their own children to school.  We knew that this was not acceptable.  It is because of you that we are able to offer our women school tuition assistance for their children dependents while they are in sewing training.

“It is a blessing that my son Mardoche can now attend school”
— Belange, Sewing Student

In the DRC, 28% of primary aged children are not in school.  We do not want our women's children dependents to be a part of this statistic.  We are so pleased that 7 children started school in August of 2017, for some of them, it was for the very first time.  We are excited to see this program grow and share with you stories of our children along the way. 

*The average cost for one trimester of school is $70-$200

*Uniforms are $10 a piece

*Books can cost from $5-$20 a piece per subject.  There are used book stores and sometimes a library might have what you need. 

Needless to say, sending your child to school isn't simple or a package deal.  It is hard to imagine having to go and track down books for your child or even check out a school book at the local library.  To be able to alleviate the financial burden of education for our sewing students is important to One Thread so that our students can focus on learning and growing.

Clarisse and Sons

Meet clarise and her boys

Clarise has been in our program since its inception.  She is a hard worker and is about to launch her own business.  And this August, both her boys were able to walk through the doors of school.   Her oldest son, Jeancy, wants to be a doctor.  Because of generous donors he was able to not only go to school, but a school that specializes in science.