A single bracelet does not jingle.
— Ancient Congolese Proverb

For the past three years, we've partnered with families throughout eastern Congo. We seek to establish family permanency, independence, and sustainability. Of the 55-80 children we work with each year, we have reunified 25 of them with their extended family members or local, foster Congolese families. These families have been identified over the past three years because they are the children's nuclear or extended family or they are willing foster families. They have gone through extensive assessment for child safety, parenting, training, and counseling before being reunified with their children. While these families have been reunified with their children, their situations remain quite desperate. Our objectives include bringing the reunified families out of their situations of extreme poverty which led to family disruption in the first place. In addition, we continue one-on-one mentoring, small and large group counseling and continued regular monitoring of the child and familial health.  

We offer small business start-up capital along with a one-year-long business training through Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs. The family is monitored by our Congolese program manager as well as our Congolese social worker. In addition, Alternativ conducts data collection on each family's outcomes after the business training. Our social worker in Eastern DRC has conducted research into what kind of business each family could start, given their skills and their surroundings. Many of them have begun their new businesses thanks to business capital donations. However, sponsorship for family reunification is needed to fund all the continued one-on-one mentoring, business follow up, group sessions, health insurance of each family and costs of the Alternativ curriculum we use.

Reintegrated family 1 (1).png

For the safety of our families, we do not post photos of their faces.

Newsletters with photo updates and more details are sent to donors!