Our Impact

What we've Achieved.  

  • formula for babies (4,750 cans of formula, $38,000)
  • powdered milk for older children (108 50-lb sacks of fortified milk, $16,000)
  • staff and mamas to care for the children ($12,600, to improve the ratio from 2 mamas per 35-50 babies and children under 5 years old to 5-6 mamas per 40 children)
  • school fees for the 77 children who have left the orphanage and live with families ($18,000 including uniforms, notebooks)
  • a wall around the orphanage–enabling staff to grow a large garden to feed the children, keep chickens, rabbits and a cow, and to make the orphanage safer and more secure ($6000)
  • a newly rebuilt kitchen that had been falling apart due to age and the earthquake that caused structural damage in 2008 ($3000)
  • school fees for 80+ of the children living at Family Bethlehem ($20,000+)
  • Tuition fees for 9 university students who grew up at Family Bethlehem ($17,000)
  • Funds to rebuild Family Bethlehem after a massive fire ($15,000) 
  • Sponsorship for 5 orphaned young adults to attend computer  training ($500) 
  • Addition of 2 social workers to support our programs
  • Training sessions for our staff in social work and business development
  • Sewing training scholarship for 35+ women
  • Launched a sewing boutique for extended training
  • Graduated 15 women from the sewing center
  • School tuition for 9 of the dependent children of women in sewing program 
  • Sponsored Alternativ Global Entrepreneuers business training for 54 vulnerable women