Our Vision

Children belong in families.

As a Christian based organization, we believe:

 The love of Jesus found in the gospel of salvation in the Bible has the power to bring hope to all children and peoples of the world.

We believe that we are the hands and feet of this love. We come alongside our Congolese brothers and sisters in serving orphans, vulnerable children, and families in DRC.

We believe children are precious and loved by God; they should be in families, not orphanages. 

In Eastern Congo, we work with Family Bethlehem to support vulnerable children by providing access to education. When possible, we collaborate with our local social worker to integrate children into families. Sometimes this can be done with a little support for the original family, other times it is with extended family, and still other times it is with a brand new family.   

In Kinshasa, our work is focused on orphan prevention. At the very beginning, the One Thread Project was born out of a deep desire to find a different narrative for children in Congo - instead of orpahanges, families. We took a step back and asked a bigger question: What were the obstacles that separated mothers and their children? While many of the answers are complex, one is simple. Being able to provide a roof overhead and food for the belly requires access to money, which requires rob skills. If we could walk it back to this step, then just maybe we could make an impact. Maybe one child might not become an orphan.

Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
— Mark 10:14, NIV