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Breakdown of Expenses

Business Training

Business Essentials Course
This month-long course utilizes Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs’ Business Essentials Program to provide women with the training they need to begin their journey.
* Cost to train one student is $100

Upon graduation from business training, students enter into a 12-week individualized, hands-on mentorship, with the goal of launching their business into the world.
* Cost to mentor one student is $300

Accountability & Support
After the mentorship and the launch of their business, students will receive eight additional months of support and accountability to ensure the highest rate of success.
* Cost to provide additional support for one student is $200

Business Launch

Business Kit
Students receive a business kit at the beginning of their 12-week mentorship that includes a money pouch, a ledger, pencils, 2 notebooks, and 1-2 business-specific items.
* Cost of one business kit is $50

Lock Box
When students are ready to launch their business, they will receive a lockbox for money safe keeping.
* Cost of one lock box, plus installation is $50

Start-Up Grant
Students will receive a start-up grant up to, but not exceeding $300 in order to launch their business. Anything exceeding $300 will be a loan requiring a repayment plan.
* Maximum cost of one start-up grant is $300

Young Scholars

While in the Lokumu Program, students with school-aged children can apply for the Young Scholars program. Depending on available funds, Lokumu will pay full tuition for school-aged children while students are in the 12-month program. Once students graduate from the program, Lokumu will continue to assist with school tuition for the next two years.

* Cost of sending one child to school for one year is $150

Year 1 Tuition
Lokumu will cover $150 per student

Year 2 Tuition
$100 per student

Year 3 Tuition
$50 per student

Checks may be mailed to: 

Reeds of Hope- Lokumu Project
PO Box 30123
Santa Barbara, CA 93105