Meet the champions of the project


sewing instructor—Alice Makie

Alice comes to the Espoir Sewing Center with many years experience of teaching sewing. She brings light and passion with her in every lesson. She is a mother to daughter Greta and helps care for her family.

Program and finance manager—giselle kabanga

Giselle works for the One Thread Project and the Lokumu Project of Reeds of Hope. Giselle comes to Reeds of Hope with a diploma in law and many years experience assisting NGO’s. She is passionate about family and helping others. She is excited to educate women in business skills and watch them succeed and have a better life.


Ismael comes to the One Thread project with a diploma in Pedagogy, accounting, math, and French from school in Switzerland. She loves working for One Thread because she was in the same position as most of the women. Someone saw something in her and supported all of her schooling to help give her the opportunities she has today. She can see herself in these women and wants to encourage and impact their lives through her job. Ismael loves working with the women, watching them learn and begin to believe in themselves, talking with them and knowing how she can really help them. From a bigger perspective, she loves working with the One Thread project because it is helping to solve an even bigger issue, poverty.


Amy Williams and Suzanne Campbell

We are two moms and friends who happen to be sister-in-laws. We are united in faith and mission to seek avenues of hope for families to stay in tact and women to be empowered right where they are. We believe that God is writing a bigger story and each of us is asked to add our thread to the narrative. We are excited to invite you to add your thread and join this bigger story!