With Thanksgiving

A special message from the Reeds of Hope team to all of our friends and partners

We are grateful for this great love to orphans and all of us. A love that transcends boundaries in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you in all that you do for his people.
— Sylvie, social worker

I am thankful that we can show children that even though there is evil in this world, as bad things have happened to them, hope is stronger in this world than evil. God’s love triumphs over everything.
— Debora, friend of Family Bethlehem

We are grateful because we have the same spirit to care for the orphan. A great sacrifice before the Lord.
— Mama Sifa, founder of Family Bethlehem

Because of our supporters, we are able to shed light and hope into the darkness that often characterizes the lives of those whom we serve: vulnerable children, women and families. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for your generosity.
— Holly Mulford, founder

I am grateful to those who support Reeds of Hope because they understood the Lord’s love in the ideal of REEDS OF HOPE to give hope to the orphans, penniless, abandoned after wars and miseries. Also thankful to see that great love that drives them to help people who have not had the chance to live in the affection of their biological parents here on earth. This love for all of us! Their reward is in heaven, says the Bible.
— Bernard, Manager for Eastern Congo

I’m thankful when people support Reeds of Hope because it reflects the awesome love God has for all of us
— Amanda, board member

We are thankful because the love of Christ Jesus is being spread to many through your support. Everyone who is involved in one way or another has become the hand of Christ to reach many. We are thankful because true love is demonstrated by giving. God loved the world so much... He gave his only Son... We are thankful because the Good News of Christ is being preached.
James 1: 27
— Paul, Kinshasa Manager

The generosity of our donors allows us to say yes and amen to the work God has set before us. It allows us to enter into this sacred community where our differences diminish and the power of the gospel increases. It is truly a gift and we cherish your trust, your prayers, and your finances with so much gratitude.
— Holly D, board member