Our friend Natalie started receiving an allowance two months ago. When she found out about the raffle fundraiser for Reeds of Hope, she asked to go shopping. She proceeded to spend all of her savings at the craft market on carefully selected items that would help raise the most money for kids in Congo. We asked her to tell us about her decision to give to Reeds of Hope-

“I lived in Congo for 4 1/2 years (most of my life); I was 8 weeks old when I moved there. I chose to donate a mug, a cheetah, and a stuffed hippo. I gave to the raffle because I imagined my life as being those kids and I didn’t like that and wanted to help them. I hope they will live a happy and peaceful life.”
— Nat

Stay tuned for a chance to win that mug, cheetah, or stuffed hippo in one of our upcoming raffle baskets on Tuesday or auction on Friday. (Trust me, she has great taste! She sent some of our favorite items of the whole fundraiser!)

 And if you're just inspired by 8 year old (almost 9!!!) Natalie, you can always make a tax deductible donation to help make a "happy and peaceful life" a reality for orphaned and vulnerable kids in Congo!