Supporting Young Men in DRC

With Father's Day quickly approaching, we've been thinking and brainstorming with our partners in Congo on ways to best support young men to grow into leaders in their communities and families. 

At Family Bethlehem in eastern Congo, there are a handful of older students who have finished their secondary education and would like to continue on at the university. If you are interested in supporting an older student, please visit the Sponsor a University Student page. 

MOISE   Management Sciences Major


Management Sciences Major

SOMERCE   Mechanical Engineer Major


Mechanical Engineer Major

RODRIGUE   Graphic Design & Marketing Major


Graphic Design & Marketing Major

PACIFIQUE    English Major


English Major

In Kinshasa, our partner Paul was able to meet with the director of a large state run orphanage. They identified five students who are eager to learn a job skill as they transition to life out on their own in the coming years. With no formal education, vocational school is a great option. We've started a scholarship fund to help send these young people to the computer and language schools at Emmanuel Training Center. This program will give students valuable job training while teaching them how to interact in a professional setting. To learn more or to give to the scholarship fund, please visit the Scholarship Fund page.  

Dieu Merci   Computer Training

Dieu Merci

Computer Training

Joseph   Computer Training


Computer Training

Cristian   Computer Training


Computer Training

We appreciate your prayers for these young men as they seek to forge a path despite great resistance. These boys have survived the streets, orphanages, and life alone for many years. Beyond the practical skills these educational opportunities will provide, we are hopeful that they will also communicate God's love and care for them. That even though they might feel overlooked by society, they are not alone.

Thank you for your support!