The Faces of Hope

The One Thread program is about sewing and fabric and fashion. But its also about community and relationships,the thread that weaves and holds us all together. Micheline and Ismael have created a sacred space in the midst of a chaotic neighborhood where young women are finding something that is often illusive in the city of Kinshasa, hope. L'espoir. Read on to see what's happening in the lives of these girls and don't forget to purchase a tee or tank to help keep this program going strong! 

Clarisse is not only a mother to two little ones, she is also caring for her sick mother. She received a scholarship last year and has grown so much from her time in the One Thread program. She has gained more than just sewing skills, she has also come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We are her biggest fans and love watching her show her children what hard work and community can do in one person's life. She is truly paving a new generational path that now has eternal implications! 

Meet Dorcas. She is 18 and one determined young woman. Not only did she start in the One Thread program to build skills for herself, she also has dreams of opening her own training center to offer to others what has been given to her. We love that her time at Emmanuel Training Center has not only transformed her future, but that she will have an impact on the lives of others with what she has learned. She embraced her sponsorship and worked hard to get where she is today- we are so proud! 

Meet Ruth. She is 17 and looking forward to the future as a small business owner. When she started in the One Thread program, she knew nothing about sewing but needed to help support herself and her family. The more she spent time at school, the more she learned about Jesus. She learned about His life and His love for her. The love that compelled Him to the cross. It was that realization that caused Ruth to give her life to Him. She is excited about what her future holds with this new hope and her new sewing skills! In this video, Ruth is reading from a Bible that was donated by our generous supporters. She's reading from John 17, where Jesus prays for those who will come to know Him. This prayer reminds us that we can know Him and the love he has for each of us. We are so thankful that through her time in the One Thread program, Ruth met Jesus and experienced His love for her. We are so proud of Ruth and believe that big things are ahead for her! 

We are partnering with Micheline and her soon-to-be graduates to create an atelier and boutique. A marketplace where clients and customers can come to order and purchase garments. A place where the women will continue to work under the watchful and motherly eye of Micheline. A place where Ismael, our invaluable social worker, will be able to keep up with them and help us know how to best care for their needs. The move toward independence and sustainability is delicate, we want to make sure these women and their children continue to be nurtured and cared for on their journeys. 

Your purchase of these tees and tanks will help raise the funds needed to set up shop. L'espoir means hope. Your purchase will go directly to helping us bring Phase II of Hope to these young women!