High School Seniors

Summer is upon us and for our students in DRC, one big event, one they may never have thought they would have a chance to experience, is upon them.  That event is for our high school seniors, or "finalists" as they say in DRC.  Join us in prayer for them as they begin their state exams on Monday which will last four days.  These exams are required for the seniors to receive their diplomas. Our staff in DRC have been working to prepare them all year and the students themselves have worked so hard.  Imagine the difference your support has made! Orphaned children with no hope to attend school are now taking their state exams, preparing to enter their worlds as productive members of society. It is these momentous events that remind us again just how special these young men and women are--and just how honored we are to be a part of their stories, supporting them in fulfilling their God-given potential. We thank you so much, and ask you to join us as we pray this weekend and next week for them to do well!