Restoring Dignity, Developing Potential

est. 2018 / Kinshasa

Our Vision

LOKUMU was born from a desire to help Congolese women and children break the vicious, perpetuating cycle of extreme poverty. Doing so requires a comprehensive model that not only provides resources, but restores dignity and develops potential. Through business training, targeted financial aid with accountability, and long-term, Christ-centered mentorship, LOKUMU will equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the means to break this cycle and change their story--for themselves, and future generations.

Meet Celeste


LOKUMU partners with Celeste Mata, president and found of Grace-Caritas, an NGO in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

He specializes in business training, medicine, and education. Grace-Caritas has helped families acquire the supplies and skills necessary to start and run successful businesses. They provide school tuition for children, and they run a pharmacy that offers life-saving medicine to children who otherwise could not afford it.


Our partnership 

A man of strong Christian faith and conviction, Celeste carries a heavy burden for the lost and the poor. Every day he witnesses the disastrous consequences of poverty--suffering, exploitation, abuse--and uses his meager resources to minister to those he can. He desires to help more and more people, and by partnering with his NGO, we will enable him to do just that. We will provide more resources so Grace-Caritas can minister more effectively, and change more lives.