Looking Ahead

Reeds of Hope is run by a team of American and ex-pat volunteers. We don't have any overhead costs; even this website is covered by a separate donation. From California to Tanzania, from the East Coast to Rwanda, people across the globe are partnering together with our Congolese friends to support vulnerable children and families. Maybe that's what makes this organization so special- the relationships.  The commitment of working together to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are too often overlooked.

There's this passage in Romans 8- all things work together for good. There have been times when we've wondered what exactly God was doing. Through growing pains and times of feeling so overwhelmed by the weight of this work. But through it all, there has been this thread of hope that God was using our small efforts for his purposes. In the form of unexpected donations and success stories, in the commitment of monthly sponsors who have been with us from the beginning, in the joy we find on the faces of those children we get to sponsor, and perhaps, most especially, in the faith and perseverance of our Congolese partners. We have been so overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you over the past month. We can hardly wait to see how God uses your gifts to spread his love and message of hope to children and families in Congo. 

Below are a few success stories we want to share with you. These are the stories we hope to collect in 2016; more standing in the gap for vulnerable families, more children moving into long term, loving Congolese families, and more empowerment through education and training. 

Part of our work at Reeds of Hope is through our partners on the ground helping children and families in times of crisis. About 8 months ago we were called about a newborn who was sickly and not doing well. Her mother had died giving birth and the remaining family member, an aging grandmother, was having a very difficult time caring for the baby. We were called and asked if Family Bethlehem could take the baby for 6 months, or until she was eating solid food. We talked with our partners on the ground, we arranged how we would support the baby with formula and medications as needed through another partner organization. The baby was moved to Family Bethlehem and she thrived. Seven months later we started asking the questions about reunification. It became clear that reunification wasn’t the best option for this little girl. Mama Sifa, the amazing woman that heads Family Bethlehem, knew this little girl needed a family to thrive. And she found a loving local Congolese family to take her in and the adoption is in process. Not only does baby J have a new family that loves her, but because this has been an open and transparent process, baby J will know her roots and we have the hope that she will stay connect to her more extended family of birth. This is a story of the work we support at Reeds of Hope.
— Holly M.
Little Moses was skin and bones the first day I met him. I was sure he would die. Despite this, he reached his reed-like arms out to me and anyone that passed by in the orphanage he lived in. Surprising everyone, he lived. The increased formula we brought, the mamas fed him with religious diligence—they loved him and wanted him to live. We were told he didn’t have a loving family that wanted him. He became a candidate for international adoption which fell through twice. Then, one day, we were told that he was moved to his grandmothers house. What grandmother? We had been unaware that he had any family that wanted him. We decided to check up on this little boy that we loved. And yes, he had a grandmother and that grandmother loved him! But they were struggling. The same devastating poverty that made it impossible to take care of him after his mother died, was leaving her struggling in her efforts still now to care for this growing 5 year old boy. We decided to step in and walk alongside her. We talked to her about how she has made income in the past. She used to sell clothes and had been able to support herself. But not anymore. So, through some generous supporters that also loved this little boy, we were able to set up in a small business (that is still thriving over a year later) and send him to school. We check in on them and she calls to let us know how they are doing. This is another way Reeds of Hope meets families in times of crisis. Our dream would be to meet the grandmother sooner, get her grandson back home to her sooner. This is the dream you are supporting.
— Holly M.

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