Update on Emmanuel Training Center

It is hard to believe three months have passed since we raised the funds to sponsor the young men and women from COLK orphanage to attend Emmanuel Training Center. They just completed their first trimester on computer basics. These young men and women have been raised in an orphanage- they've had no access to computers or technology before this class. They have become eager students and can't wait to continue their studies. In the first capsule, they learned the basics of computer operation- manipulating a mouse, typing, creating word documents, saving files, opening files, etc. Our hope is that this new skill set will help them to find meaningful work as they will be aging out of the orphanage very soon.  

The next capsule will include instruction on Excel and Internet use for business. Additionally, there is a waiting list of students at COLK who would like to join the program as first time students. If you'd like to make a one-time or recurring donation to this scholarship fund, please visit the COLK Scholarship Fund.